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Welcome to my site

My Name is Branden fowler and I am a 22 year old male I was born in Santa Ana Children’s Hospital Of Orange County California. On October, 22 ,1985. I Currently Live In Costa Mesa, Ca. I went to Costa mesa High School after high school I joined the military I was in the national guard for 4 year’s. I have studied the art of muy tai kickboxing for over seven year’s now my hobby’s include computer’s, music, drawing ,writing poetry, cooking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, bmx biking, skateboarding, web design, photography, martial art’s. my personality is addicting I am a very down to earth person I love helping anyone and everyone that needs and or want’s my help I always put everyone above myself and I always will I am not your average run of the mill male I am very respectfull to everyone even those who are disrespectfull to me if you have any further question’s about me or my life I will gladly answer them for you I love you all and I will keep all of you in my prayer’s god bless you please navigate my site and come back for possible update’s. thank you and please enjoy..


pics of the people i love